Wednesday, July 20, 2011

* Chris Gledhill's recommendation

What a delight to return to Nepal and the warm greeting of our guides, Prem and Maina, Indra and Mana and set off together to Everest base camp! Ever professional in their care for our welfare, we also felt to be walking with friends. Apart from providing their expert knowledge of the route, its hostelries, astute assessment of our own capabilities and encouraging support over the rough bits, when evening came Prem and Maina treated our aching muscles to soothing massages and much laughter and song. Their love of the mountains and knowledge of the region’s wildlife and culture enriched our experience in a way which no guide book could match. And for spotting high soaring birds, or capturing on film wild creatures perched on awkward terrain, Prem’s keen eyesight, nimbleness and photographic skills proved invaluable. The high point was an afternoon spent on Kala Pattar in a spot Prem knew was the only one where we could get out of the wind, bask in the sun and drink in the view of Everest, its surrounding mountains and the glacial moonscape below. An unforgettable experience made possible by our guides’ knowledge, support and friendship.

Christine Gledhill
Robin Hood’s Bay

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