Saturday, July 16, 2011

* Mardi's Recommendation

Hereby I do highly recommend Prem Rai as a trustworthy, knowledgeable, helpful and very pleasant guide.
Prem knows all about all trekking routes, best places to stay and flora and fauna of Nepal.
Besides that he is a wonderful cook and a masseur.
You can fully rely on his expertise and services. He will make your trekking an unforgettable experience!

Same goes for Maina Rai, as she is a skillful masseuse and a very experienced trekking guide.
Especially when you are a lady and you prefer a loving, caring and very knowledgeable lady guide.
She knows all the routes perfectly and will make your trek a fantastic experience!
Maina has also a lot of knowledge of different types of massages. Fit to your body and wishes.

I met Prem and  Maina in 2000, when Prem was working at the 3-Sister Guesthouse and taking care of his little son.
Maina, his wife, was following Female Trekking Guide Trainings at that time.
They were both so eager to learn and work their way up to fully skilled guides and massage experts.
Living with my Nepali husband in Pokhara as well we slowly became like family.

I am impressed by the way Prem and Maina constantly work on developing their skills.
They followed a great variety of Trekking Trainings including First Aid Trainings and various Massage Trainings.
Since 2000 I did many trekking with Prem and Maina and was impressed by their knowledge and service.
I recommended them to many of my friends, who always were very enthusiastic afterwards! Never one complaint!

If you go to Nepal, don't miss Prem and Maina Rai.
They will make your Nepal trip complete!

Mardi Muller

(The Hague, Netherlands)
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