Tuesday, July 19, 2011

* Sue Cassidy's recommendation:

Trekking: "My first experience of trekking in Nepal was absolutely amazing and all thanks to Prem Rai my guide. Prem, his wife Maina and son Shyam made me feel very welcome in Nepal and my time there was very special. Prem was a very thoughtful, considerate, encouraging and experienced guide and I felt very safe and well looked after by him throughout my whole trekking experience. If anyone is thinking of going trekking in Nepal I would not hesitate in recommending Prem as your guide, he will only add to making your trek a more incredible journey. I really hope I get back there someday"
Massage: "Before I went trekking I decided to treat myself to a massage with Prems wife Maina, she made me feel very comfortable and the whole massage was a really wonderful experience. I felt completely relaxed, totally at peace and felt very tranquil after my treatment, energised and ready for my trekking ahead. I had wanted to have another massage with her after trekking but unfortunately I ran out of time, so my next trip to Nepal will definitely include one of Maina's wonderful massages."
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Sue Cassidy, Newzealander, 
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